Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Philippine, and Vietnamese foods

A small grocery store with a lot of varieties

We have….

Fresh Meats

Chicken, pork belly, beef short ribs, chicken feet, pork bone, small spare ribs, beef tripe, sliced beef for hot pot….


Bok choy, Taiwanese cabbage, Choy sum, Asian eggplants, taro, potatoes, Japanese pumpkin, tomatoes, green onion, shallot, and many more…..

Rice and Flour

Different brands of long grain, short grain, glutinous rice. Rice flour, glutinous flour, corn starch, potato starch and many others…..

Can foods and sauces

Different kinds of can foods and sauces from Taiwan, China, Thailand, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Snacks and Candies

Different kinds of interesting and delicious snacks and candies that you would like to have them handy at home.

Ice cream & Frozen desserts

We have mango, green tea, ube ice cream, Mochi, Brown suger boba ice cream bar….

All kinds of noodles

Fresh noodles,  dry noodles and instant noodles from China, Taiwan,  Vietnam, Korean, and Japan.

Vegetarian Food

Different kinds of vegan soy slice,  dry mushrooms, bean curd sheets, and bean curd sticks…

Coffee and tea

Authentic Vietnamese coffee, Japanese green tea, herbal tea, Chamomile tea, lemongrass tea, Oolong tea….

Frozen dimsum 

Traditional dimsums and dumplings, potstickers, buns, fried pancakes, balls for hotpot….

Cold drinks

Bubble tea, coconut juice, boba coffee, glassball soda, sugar cane juice, green tea….

Fresh bakery

Freshly baked Hong Kong style sweet buns and pastries.

Business Hours

  • Monday


  • Tuesday – Sunday

    11:00am – 08:00pm


17849 Wolf Rd, Orland Park
Orland Park, IL